A Virtual Private Server (VPS), is a virtual machine. This machine is provided by internet hosting company. The price of a VPS, is much cheaper than the physical server. A VPS has its own operating system, which allows the customer, to install any software running on that OS. ManyVPS can run on the same machine, as they share only hardware resources, without interfering on software level. They can run a VPS, on several platforms. Now, let us take a look at the types, plans and pricing.

  • IO ZOOM company provides excellent hosting services with VPS.In the modern era, as most of the businesses are going online, this is very necessary and helpful. It provides cheap vps hosting with high availability.
  • As the number of users and websites are increasing, trafficking is becoming a major and complicated issue to handle. PS servers can handle this issue very well, by introducing another cloud, on acquiring of several resources available from other networks.
  • Try the company’splans, and if you do not like them in first 30 days, your money will be refunded to you.
  • Company provides cloud computing. It is started by Whensongcloud computing. Cloud computing, is a typical example in information technology that allows limited access to shared pool of system resources, that can be configured and higher-level services, that can be rapidly provisioned, with minimal management efforts, on the internet also.
  • Linux virtual server, is a software, used to balance load, forLinux-kernel based operating systems. It is started by Wensong zhang in May 1998. It is started with an aim to build, high performance and high available server, forLinux using technology.
  • Windows VPS servers, is a solution that helps the creation of virtual machines, on windows operating systems.
  • WordPress, a free and open-source content management system (CMS), is based on PHP and MySQL. When it is installed on a web server, it would act either as a part of internet providing service or a network host.
  • The company is offering “DDos resistant” hostingservices. DDos means distributed denial of services. DDosmitigation, is a set of techniques, for resisting the impacts of DDos attacks, on networks attached to internet, by protecting the target and relay networks.
  • If your hardware crashes, you need not worry because with our failover system, back up will be generated. It also provides website owners with several other advantages.
  • The rate of data transfer is called as bandwidth. It is very important factor, for the website to be very responsive.
  • Website occupies a certain space on server. Everybusiness needs a certain space. If your space is less, it makes your website unresponsive and blocked very easily.

Advantages we provide:

  • The server we provide you is very fast, so that your website opens very soon without much trafficking issues.
  • We also provide you free DDos protection of up to 10Gbps.It also includes protection for over 95% of the common attacks.
  • Our team helps in migrating your website, from any other server to IO ZOOM, making sure all is going well.
  • By the time website goes online, we promise to provide you all according the SLA.

Businesses are becoming online and most of them are preferring to have their own website, where they can get good hosting packages, at reasonable rates. The size of the website depends mostly on the size of the company and its necessities. They are provided cheap vps hosting with high availability. The features provided here, make your website, functional and at the same time responsive. More information to visit our website: https://www.iozoom.com